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Water conservancy districts are used statewide to manage water. Our community does not have representation on any state governing boards that manage water. A district will protect our water allocation and give us credibility and authority on a state level to participate in water management negotiations.

A district allows for and facilitates strategic planning for the future of water in Cache County.

A water conservancy district enables our community to secure and safeguard our allocated water for future generation through smart water management.

It allows for a fund to be dedicated to providing water for future generations.

No, a district can help protect existing individual water rights.

No new tax will be levied for the first four years of the district.

After four years, Utah Code restricts the tax amount a water conservancy district may levy. Currently taxes for water districts cannot exceed 0.0002.

YES! There are currently eleven members of the board, one from each voting district in Cache County, 3 at large members and one agriculture representative who is appointed by the Cache County Council.

Five members will be up for election in 2018. The remaining five will be up for election in 2020.

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